GA is a firm committed in participating in the integral and sustainable development of society. Based on the ideals of justice, human rights and equality of opportunity, GA looks to proactively to establish mechanisms and activities that hold value to the general public.

It is in light of the above, GA takes pro bono cases, within it´s areas of specialization, in order to support and aid both natural and legal people that do not have the resources to acquire legal services and therefore allow them the opportunity to access justice in an equitable way. Pro bono work can be defined as legal services that are rendered free of cost, but our firm´s pro bono politic goes far beyond a simple economic value, as it has the firm determination of having a positive impact in those sectors of society who most need it.

GA is sensible to the economic and social background of the population, for which it is determined to give back to the community to the best of the firm´s and its member´s abilities, in order for it to define itself not just as a successful firm but a socially responsible firm.