Every domestic and foreign company who executes activities in Mexican territory interacts with governmental authorities of the State at any of its three levels (Federal, local, municipal). In this regard, GA offers their clients the proper defense against governmental decisions or acts that violate their guaranteed rights under Mexican law and its Political Constitution. Within this branch, the Firm offers the following services:

  • Protection proceedings against laws and administrative acts
  • Responsibility of public servants
  • Local and Federal court litigation in Administrative matters
  • Legal consulting and compliance of federal, local and municipal laws.




GA has a broad range of experience in negotiating and structuring trade and investment transactions, which allows us to offer innovated and creative solutions prone to formalize contractual relations between our clients and third parties in national and international transactions. Due to the aforementioned, GA offers the following services:

  • Drafting of shareholder and joint venture agreements
  • Civil and trade agreements whether typical or atypical in nature
  • Negotiation of joint venture agreements, as well as mergers and acquisitions
  • Audits and corporate regulation




Our firm recognizes that every business decision involves a tax decision; consequently every business scheme must suit to every national and international tax provision. Therefore, we seek that our clients fulfill their duties, achieving their goals and accomplishing tax efficiency by complying with the legal standard.

  • Application of fiscal stimuli
  • Tax consultancy
  • corporate restructures
  • Due diligence
  • National and international tax planning
  • Refund application
  • Confirming criteria
  • Attention to requirements

In addition, our firm has a solid practice in Tax Litigation, which includes the following services:

  • Conclusive Agreements and Complaints Procedure before the Attorney’s Office for the Advocacy of Taxpayers
  • Application for reconsideration
  • Nullity actions before the Federal Court of Justice for Tax and Administrative Matters
  • Constitutional litigation and appeals




A offers services related to the creation of different types of trusts with fiduciary entities, from initial consultancy through the negotiation and drafting of agreements such as:

  • Entrepreneurial activities
  • Acquisition of movable property on the coast or cross-border zone
  • Real Estate developments
  • Guarantee trusts




GA offers wide services regarding the incorporation, duration and dissolution of corporations, in addition to the following services:

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Granting of Powers of Attorney
  • Drafting of Shareholders Meetings and Resolutions taken in lieu of a meeting
  • Registration of companies, powers of attorney and public deeds before the Public Registry of Commerce
  • Legalization of corporate acts before public notaries
  • Management and custody of corporate books



GA has a solid practice in consulting Mexican companies with foreign investment or foreign enterprises who want to invest in Mexico, which includes the following services:

  • Advice on partnership and joint venture
  • Legalization of public documents and apostille
  • Incorporation of companies, opening of branches, such as holdings, including all the proceedings before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the incorporation of companies, change of corporate names and transformations.
  • Drafting of shareholders and board of directors meetings
  • Management, custody and upgrade of all corporate books and registry of companies, such as public deeds and powers of attorney.
  • Enrollment of companies and branches before the National Registry of Foreign Investment
  • Follow up in the fulfillment of obligations before the National Registry of Foreign Investment, including drafting and submission of notices regarding corporate acts, such as the review and submission of financial reports, both annually and quarterly.
  • Approvals form the National Foreign Investment Commission




GA has a rich experience in the consultancy, negotiation and execution of acquisitions and sale of assets and liabilities of Mexican and foreign entities. Through a multidisciplinary and orderly practice, GA has succeeded in different transactions of this nature, such as disincorporation and splits, strategic alliances, joint ventures, representation of buyers, among others.




Institutionalising and providing corporate practices are success factors for any company by establishing an efficient structure in order to benefit held companies. GA offers the following services:

  • Implementation of proceedings, protocols and corporate regulations adequate to each entity.
  • Legal consultancy to shareholders, directors and counselors of the company, regarding the development, management and monitoring of the implemented corporate government proceedings
  • Drafting of handbooks and ethic codes that encourage and promote good behavior of all members of a company.








The way in which conflicts between companies or traders are solved is of great relevance, since the result can be rewarding or harmful. Therefore, GA through mediation or conciliation intends to lower the cost of conflict in order to maintain and preserve valuable relationships.




The firm has the strong belief in promoting a proactive and preventive culture by offering services aimed at identifying possible risks and implementing all those acts and structures that are considered adequate to prevent, undertake or mange such risks. In this regard, the firm offers the following services:

  • Outline contract and corporate protocols, as well as strategies that protect the assets of the company before any possible risk.
  • Possible risks analysis
  • Financial restructure