As an institution and each member as an individual, GA assumes the following commitment:

  1. Preserving and protecting the State of Law, we are aware of the need of strict observance of the fundamental principles of ethic and integrity in Law Practice
  2. We understand the practice of law must be performed inside the frame of values of Professional Independence and Professional Freedom (of expression and defense).
  3. We recognise independence involves professional exercise (in legal advice and legal representation before court) exempt¬† of any wrongful pressure, emanating either from third parties, public authorities including courts or the client himself.¬† ¬†Independence is fundamental for the lawyer’s activity to be developed in neutral environment, appropriate for the seek of justice.
  4. Our client relations are supported in mutual confidence on honesty, uprightness and integrity.
  5. We recognise any form of corruption undermines the effectiveness and legitimacy of the judicial or arbitral processes and justice administration.
  6. We recognise judicial power must remain independent and free of any form of inappropriate influence or interference.
  7. We are committed to take any necessary action to prevent corrupt practices affecting judicial system.
  8. We would not commit nor tolerate corrupt practices, directly or indirectly, during a judicial or arbitral process, may it be as subornation or exercising inappropriate influence over the judge or arbitrator.
  9. We would not request nor offer or accept any benefit, significant or insignificant, directly or indirectly, with the intention of affecting the result of a judicial or arbitral process.
  10. We would not commit nor facilitate, directly or indirectly, acts that undermine judicial independence, including attempts of political, economical or social interference or any other type of interference during a judicial or arbitral process.
  11. We will promote and comply with regulations in ethic and professional conduct that govern the practice of our profession.
  12. We would not promise nor deliver, directly or indirectly, payments or inappropriate benefits to judges or court personnel, to affect the outcome of a judicial process.
  13. We would not deliver nor accept, with official capacity, any presents or inappropriate attentions, directly or indirectly, with the exception of presents or minimal attentions expressly allowed by the applicable regulations.
  14. We recognise the need to protect the independence and impartiality of the judicial system.
  15. We will battle all attempts of exercising inappropriate influence, either political, economical, social or any other form of influence over the outcome of, or interference in, a judicial process.
  16. We would not look for nor offer, directly or indirectly, preferential treatment in a judicial process to any individuals, specific entities or interests, or political groups.
  17. Subject to any fundamental duty of confidentiality to which we might be obliged by Mexican Law, we will report promptly, any violations to these principles or other ethical unfulfillment, to the appropriate authority, the Professional College’s ethics control bodies we belong to and to the Member’s Board of our Firm.