GA is a legal consulting firm specialized in tax, corporate, financial and business law, that responds proactively to the needs of people and companies who are willing to undertake the changes of our time with initiative and dynamism.

Our expertise and prior experience dictates that every corporate decision is also tax decision and in turn, every tax decision impacts the corporate decisions of ​​any business.

GA offers innovated, professional and fully committed responses to every company’s necessities regarding its legal, tax and corporate structure, achieving the above through the professional experience and capability of our members, which is constructed through continuous training and personal development.


Over more than three decades of experience GA has offered professional and specialized legal services with special focus on the areas of tax, administrative, corporate and financial law. GA has always been a local firm with a global perspective. Throughout this time, the firm has participated as advisors and counselors to companies with international presence that belong to diverse number of industries such as construction, real state, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agriculture, financial, trade and transport.



Our mission is to offer integral, innovative business and legal solutions that provide added value to our clients in every transaction, allowing them and the Firm to develop and evolve together.


Our vision is to be recognized as a prestigious law firm, with national and international presence, for its expertise and professionalism in the services provided to our clients, which are characterized by reliability and innovation.



Loyalty.   We understand that personalized attention entails, among others, the value of loyalty. By honoring this value, we commit ourselves to do our best in favor of each of our clients, to work conscientiously to improve what can be changed. We are determined to recognize the relationship between the firm and each of our clients, as well as to reinforce and protect the set of values ​​that this implies.

 Ethic.   We recognize and support the ethical dimension of all our decisions, opinions and recommendations. We are determined to apply ethical and moral principles in all our professional practices and personal actions. We demand each of our members to act with the highest fairness and ethical standard.

Human Value.   Partners, associates and collaborators are the most important factor in GA, therefore the firm acts decisively in the development and training of its members. Our associates and collaborators are constantly improving their professional development. This progress is reflected in the results of their actions.

Innovation.   Globalization and constant technological innovation generates new opportunities for companies, but also new challenges. GA is committed to a constant update and legal innovation that helps our clients emerge and acquire knowledge regarding the markets’ economy.