GA has a solid practice in consulting Mexican companies with foreign investment or foreign enterprises who want to invest in Mexico, which includes the following services:

  • Advice on partnership and joint venture
  • Legalization of public documents and apostille
  • Incorporation of companies, opening of branches, such as holdings, including all the proceedings before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the incorporation of companies, change of corporate names and transformations.
  • Drafting of shareholders and board of directors meetings

  • Management, custody and upgrade of all corporate books and registry of companies, such as public deeds and powers of attorney.
  • Enrollment of companies and branches before the National Registry of Foreign Investment
  • Follow up in the fulfillment of obligations before the National Registry of Foreign Investment, including drafting and submission of notices regarding corporate acts, such as the review and submission of financial reports, both annually and quarterly.
  • Approvals form the National Foreign Investment Commission

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